No Man’s Land

February 2019

A later prototype of the No Man’s Land, including a game board (for rolling) and tiled board (for tracking control of the tiles).

No Man’s Land is a competitive 2-player board game that requires a combination of skill and strategy. Players take turns rolling a six-sided die onto a map and attempt to conquer the are of the map that their die lands on. Each player’s goal is to create a continuous line of adjacent conquered tiles from their castle to their opponent’s, creating an unbroken supply chain that they can use to attack their opponent and win the game. Players can take tiles from each other as well as use Elite units to give a bonus to the defense of conquered tiles.

I created No Man’s land in a week for Jesse Schell’s Game Design class at Carnegie Mellon University through eight playtests and iterations. Every aspect of the game, from the rules to the tiles, is an original creation. By the final playtest, players had so much fun that they played No Man’s Land on their own, outside of testing.

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