CMU and Art in Wartime

January-May 2018

For the class Digital Archives & Storytelling, I created a work of completely original research on art created at Carnegie Mellon University in response to war in the last century (WWI to the present). I published my research in a multimedia narrative both online, on the Atavist, and in a print book, through Carnegie Mellon’s ETC Press.

A screenshot of CMU and Art in Wartime on the Atavist.

I researched the history of art in response to war at Carnegie Mellon University in the CMU Archives and brainstormed different narrative threads to pull through the past to the present. I iterated through several prototype designs of the website publication, from lo-fi sketches to drafts in the Atavist. I interviewed artists at and from CMU, and incorporated their views into my written work. Finally, I presented my research and design process before library and research professionals at CMU, and published my work online and in print.

Please give CMU and Art in Wartime a read for yourself. You can also download a PDF version of the book my work is published in for free. If you’d like a quick overview of my research & design process and the story I wrote, you can check out the presentation below.


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