February 2019

Nanahelp is the result of a school project to design a mobile service that co-creates value for its users and NanaWall, a real company. I worked with a team of classmates over four weeks to design Nanahelp, an app to provide customer service through an intelligent agent that also leverages the on-board capabilities of a mobile phone.

How Nanahelp creates value for both NanaWall and its customers through an intelligent agent, automatic scheduling, and data collection through mobile devices.

While we couldn’t directly contact NanaWall, we interviewed a local company that sells similar products. We also conducted secondary research online and created a stakeholder map, a concept model, and a value flow model. After research, we ideated through collaborative sketching and storyboarding. Then we iterated through low-fi, mid-fi, and hi-fi prototypes, ending with hi-fi prototype created in Figma, including a focus on microinteractions.

For more details on the user research and design process of Nanahelp, check out the process book below.


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