Eno: Vocal UI

March-April 2019

Eno is a conceptual vocal (or conversational) user interface for home inspectors to use while conducting their inspections. I worked with a team in Carnegie Mellon’s Interaction Design Studio 2 class to create Eno in response to a challenge to create a VUI within the domain of mortgage lending.

We began with domain research to find out more about mortgage lending, including creating a stakeholder map, concept map, and competitive analysis. A VUI for home inspectors best takes advantage of the features of VUIs, especially the hands-free interaction. To that end, we began ideation and prototyping with scenarios and experience prototyping to refine the VUI concept.

An example dialogue flow model I created, mapping user utterances to VUI intents and the VUI’s subsequent actions and utterances.

As part of the design process, I created a series of models visualizing the flow of interaction from the pre-attentive to attentive states with examples mapping user utterances to VUI intents to responses. Using the models as a base, I drafted a script for a video showcasing the VUI concept, as video works better than print to to illuminate VUI capabilities. You can watch the final concept video below.

A video exploring the concept of a vocal user interface for home inspectors called Eno.

For more details on the design process, you can view the process book below.


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