Atlantis Hub Data Display

October 2017

Atlantis Hub Display (static)

The Atlantis Hub Data Display is a project I worked on in Interaction Design Studio 1. I worked with two other students to take a large amount of transportation data and design an environmental display, such as one you might see in an airport, for that data. Below is a copy of our final presentation, showing the user personas we designed the display around as well as the display itself.

Atlantis Hub Presentation

At first, we used affinity diagrams and competitive analysis to organize the raw data. We then analyzed the data through the lens of two user personas and a stakeholder to decide what was the most important information to communicate to users.

After deciding on what data to display, we iterated through several different designs, experimenting with font, color, layout, and animation and incorporating feedback on each iteration. The final design incorporates an interactive map feature to help users plan their trip and gather data on popular destinations for the stakeholder. You can watch a video demonstrating the animations and interactive element below.

If you would like to read about the design process for the Atlantis Hub Data Display in more detail, you can do so in the PDF below.

Atlantis Hub Process Book

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