Trail Trackers

April-May 2019

Trail Trackers is an Internet of Things concept developed for the Carnegie Mellon class Interaction Design Studio 2. I worked with two classmates to develop the concept of a network of RFID tags used to keep track of hikers in dangerous and remote areas like Zion National Park. We started by ideating scenarios that use IoT to benefit civic programs, then delved into research on existing IoT tech and problems in national parks, including interviewing a local park manager. Finally we presented the concept for tracking hikers to regulate trail traffic and increase safety through a pitch and interactive infographic.

I created this visualization of the Trail Trackers network in the Narrows, one of the most popular hiking trails in Zion National Park, where the amount of hikers on the trail must be limited. The RFID tag (red) on the hiker’s backpack pings the sensor (green) disguised as part of the environment. Sensors spaced throughout the trail (green and blue) provide almost real-time tracking of the hiker without mobile phone reception.

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