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January-May 2018

Producer and Game Designer

I worked with an interdisciplinary group of students (Studio MAR) to create a multiplayer online 3D drawing game called LineAR, using mobile augmented reality (AR) technology. Inspired by Pictionary and charades, in LineAR two players wear cable-free augmented reality headsets. One player gets a secret word that they draw in 3D space using real-world tools, with different brush types and colors. The other player sees the drawing in the real world and tries to guess its meaning, using the first player’s drawings and actions.

Think of it like charades, except the person acting out the word can also draw their own virtual props.

The game is fully hosted online and supports up to ten players. We used Unity and Vuforia to create the game, and Tilt Brush‘s brush package to create our different brush types and colors. We tested the game throughout the development process and used GitHub for source control. LineAR was made available to the public to try at Carnegie Mellon’s Meeting of the Minds 2018.

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During this project, I acted primarily as producer/project manager, among other roles like sound designer and user experience researcher.

  • Scheduled and held regular meetings between team and client
  • Documented project progress and communicated project status with client
  • Set project goals and worked with artists and programmers to meet deadlines
  • Tested game concept and researched best word prompts and brushes
  • Sourced and edited sound effects used in game
  • Presented progress and the final product to industry professionals

The full documentation for the project, including concept art, presentations, and a summary of the final product, can be found here. If you would like to try the game yourself or access other documentation, please feel free to contact me.

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