Eleventh Hour

November-December 2017

Eleventh Hour is a project I worked on with two other students in Interaction Design Studio 1. We designed a peer economy neighborhood task app that facilitates users asking for and fulfilling last-minute tasks, like emergency babysitting, borrowing tools, and getting a ride. In addition to designing a mobile app, we designed a desktop version, with a responsive site design in mind.

Eleventh Hour Wireframe Overview

Complete set of Eleventh Hour wireframes

Below is a series of slides showcasing the Eleventh Hour wireframes and user flow, as well as the desktop layout.

User flow slides

We designed Eleventh Hour after conducting a competitive analysis of existing neighborhood and task apps, and exploiting the unfulfilled niche for last-minute neighborhood tasks.  We then drafted a series of user scenarios, and from there typical consumer and provider personas, which we used to design our first wireframes. Finally, after a series of critiques and iterations, we designed our final wireframes using Sketch.

For more details on our design process, you can check out the PDF below.

Eleventh Hour Process Book


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